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Faculty of Physical Education

Established in 2012, our Faculty undertakes the teaching of public physical education course, the launching of mass sports events, training of sports team and evaluation of students’ physical health. There are three teaching and research offices (offices for large balls, small balls and comprehensive office) and two centers (physical health test center for college students and venue center). We now have 26 faculty members, including 24 full-time teachers, in which there are 4 associate professors, 19 lecturers, 18 teachers with master degree, 1 international-level referee, 1 state-level referee, and 2 school-level “top10 young teachers”.

Our Faculty adheres to the education concept of “people foremost, health first, lifelong physical education”, takes strengthening students’ physique and improves health as foundation, and forms three-in-one physical education system of physical education course teaching, sunshine sports and sports training. Implement in-class and extracurricular physical education mode in the teaching of PE course, actively explore and implement new teaching mode of sports club system, combine various teaching forms and assessment methods; focus on launching sunshine sports, promote campus PE culture atmosphere, combine sunshine sports meeting, college students’ sports culture festival, school featured sports activity and students’ sports club activity, thicken campus PE culture atmosphere, guide students to take part in sunshine sports, develop the habit of sports exercises, facilitate adolescent physical and mental health; vigorously reinforce the construction of sports team, build 2-3 major sports teams and 4-6 ordinary sports teams, strive for applying for high-level sports team, form traditional competitive sports of NIT, realize the development goal of mainly built teams having superiority in the province and having impact in the country, and expand the popularity and influence of NIT. NIT was elected as “sunshine sports advanced unit” by Provincial Education Department in 2010.

In recent years, sports teams of NIT have obtained outstanding results in national and provincial college students’ competitions: the basketball team of NIT obtained the 4th prize in national final of Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) (sunshine team) in 2015, the bridge team of NIT obtained the 5th prize in national bridge young team competition in 2016, and the volleyball team, orienteering team, swimming team and calisthenics team won outstanding results for several times in provincial college students’ competition. In the 14th sports meeting of Jiangxi Province in 2014, NIT won 8 gold metals, 15 silver metals and 14 bronze metals, bringing honor for NIT.

NIT has also undertaken a lot of national provincial college students’ sports competitions, trampoline competition in national 7th intercity games in 2011, college students’ male basketball competition of undergraduate institutions in Jiangxi for 1% project in 2011; we have undertaken the competition of national football league in Jiangxi for consecutive 10 years from 2007 till now. We undertook bridge league matches of Jiangxi Province from 2014 to 2016, having won “excellent organization award” for several times.

After NIT built Yaohu campus in 2003, there is great-leap-forward development in sports facilities and sports teaching and exercise conditions have been fundamentally improved. The sport field covers a total area of 103,207m2, having established 1 multi-functional gymnasium available for 2890 audiences, 1 standard 400m ground track field, 25 basketball courts, 3 football fields, 9 volleyball courts, 12 tennis court and 2 fitness facilities areas, having created favorable conditions for PE teaching, sports exercise and mass PE activities. With the development of NIT, we will build modern swimming comprehensive hall (nearly 10 thousand m2) during the period of “the 13th five-year plan” and a batch of outdoor sport fields (over 30 thousand m2), and we will also gradually upgrade and transform existing site facilities, and will achieve “A”-level standard required for undergraduate teaching by Ministry of Education.