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School of Economics and Trade

Established in 2010, School  of Economics and Trade covers such two major disciplines as applied economics and business administration. Up to June 2016, our School has 62 on-the-job faculty members, including 4 professors, 15 associate professors, 16 doctors, 34 dual-profession teachers, 2 persons elected as “Yaohu Distinguished Young”, and we have also hired famous experts and professors from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and etc. as part-time teachers; all the teachers seek truth from facts and are practical, pioneering in innovation, bringing rapid development in subject, major and course construction.

Our School sets up 4 teaching and research offices for financial management, accounting, international economics and trade and finance, as well as 1 regional economics institute; we launch such 5 majors for undergraduate program as financial management, international economics and trade, insurance, auditing and investment as well as accounting major for junior college program. We have over 2,200 full-time in-school students, and we are equipped with simulation experiment center for modern finance and economic practical teaching with complete functions and advanced equipment, having accounting computerization laboratory, accounting manual simulation laboratory, international trade simulation laboratory and financial simulation laboratory, having allocated 200 computers for teaching, purchased Yonyou accounting computerization teaching software, teaching software for accounting comprehensive practical training from Xiamen Netinnet, simulation teaching system for international trade documents, simulation software for customs declaration and inspection, software for international business negotiation, software for practical training of international trade affairs and settlement, and other teaching software. We have also independently researched and developed two kinds of characteristic teaching software for cost management accounting and engineering project auditing. We have established over 20 school-enterprise cooperative practical training bases.

In recent three years, our School have presided over 46 subjects at state, provincial and school level, published 158 academic papers, undertaken 20 horizontal projects, completed scientific research funds of over 3 million yuan, obtained 1 school-level teaching team (financial management), 1 mainly-built major (financial management), and 3 provincial-level high-quality courses; “applied economics” is a school-level major discipline for master applying cultivation, and “Mountain, Water, Forest, Field and Lake Institute” is at school level.

Our School follows the motto of “sagacity with pursuit of truth, prudence with sincerity in practice”, implements the strategy of flourishing the school by quality and strengthening the school by talents, facilitates the construction of applied disciplines to rise and breakthrough, cultivates applied and versatile advanced professional talents adapting to the development of social economics and enterprise operation management, enhances and optimizes applied economics discipline, explores the characteristic development road for undergraduate majors and reinforces the ability to service society, and propels the sustainable healthy development of our School.