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Profile of School of Information Engineering


School of Information Engineering currently has 73 full-time teachers, including 14 professors, 30 associate professors, 26 doctors, 4 candidates for PhD degree, 18 master supervisors, 1 expert enjoying special allowance from the State Council, 1 Ganpo elite 555 leading talent, 2 young and middle aged discipline leaders in Jiangxi, 4 young and middle aged key teachers in Jiangxi, 1 young scientist in Jiangxi, 3 candidates for new century millions talent project in Jiangxi and 1 famous teacher in Jiangxi.

We currently set up such 5 teaching and research offices as computer basis, computer engineering, electronic engineering, communication engineering and information management as well as such 4 experiment centers as computer basis (basic laboratory of computer 1-12), electronic engineering (basic laboratory of electronic technology, comprehensive laboratory of modern electronic technology, laboratory of single-chip computer, laboratory of household appliances, laboratory of electronic innovation EDA/DSP laboratory and laboratory of measurement and control technology), communication engineering (laboratory of 3G communication, laboratory of optical fiber communication and data transmission, laboratory of internet of things, laboratory of signal processing, laboratory of communication principle and program-controlled exchange), computer engineering (laboratory of software testing, laboratory of software development, laboratory of computer principles, laboratory of network security, laboratory of network engineering and laboratory of generic cabling), with experiment teaching rooms of 6500m2, and fixed assets of 26 million yuan. Among which, computer basic experiment center and electronic engineering experiment center were elected as experiment teaching demonstration center in higher institutions of Jiangxi.
We now establish 1 institute of collaborative awareness and advanced computing technology (school level), 8 off-campus and 4 in-campus internship and practical training bases. Intelligent information processing team was elected as technological innovation team of higher institutions of Jiangxi, teaching team of the major of computer science and technology was elected as teaching group of higher institutions of Jiangxi, computer applied talent training mode experiment area was elected as talent training mode innovation experiment area of higher institutions of Jiangxi.

We currently set up such 6 undergraduate majors as computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, communication engineering, information management and information system, software engineering and measurement and control technology and instrument, as well as two junior college majors, applied electronic technology and communication technology. Among which, the discipline of computer applied technology was elected as a major discipline of higher institutions in Jiangxi for the “12th five-year plan”, the major of computer science and technology was elected as characteristic major of higher institutions in Jiangxi and the major for education training plan for outstanding engineers of Jiangxi and Ministry of Education, and the major of electronic information engineering is a provincial comprehensive reform pilot major.

Since 2011, we have undertaken over 100 scientific research subjects at provincial and ministerial level and above, including 17 national natural science foundation projects, having published 210 academic papers, including 22 SCI periodical papers, 3 papers elected as ESI database 1% highly cited papers, having obtained 10 prizes of various kinds, like the third prize for scientific and technological progress in Jiangxi, and published over 70 textbooks and monographs.

Pay attention to cultivate students’ comprehensive quality and practice innovation ability, actively encourage, guide and organize students to take part in various competitions and quality development activities in and out of the province, students as a collective or personally have obtained many prizes in “Challenge Cup” national college students’ extracurricular academic technological work competition, national college students’ intelligent vehicle competition, Jiangxi electronic computer technology competition, and so on. Graduates’ employment rate always keeps more than 90%.

Our School follows the motto of “great virtues with sincere practice, extensive learning for achievement”, adheres to the concepts of “cultivating students foremost, quality first”, conducts reforms and innovation with keen determination, constantly improves education and teaching level, teachers as a collective or personally have successively obtained “advanced collective” of education system in Jiangxi, national “May Fourth red flag youth league branch”, “advanced individual” for teachers’ ethics in Jiangxi, “excellent party affairs worker” of education system in Jiangxi, “excellent youth league cadre” of Jiangxi, and many other honorary titles.