School of Civil and Architectural Engineering

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School of Civil and Architectural Engineering


School of Civil and Architectural Engineering is a secondary school mainly built by Nanchang Institute of Technology, officially established in December 2009, formerly known as Department of Civil Engineering of NIT (2005-2009). Our School now has 1945 in-school full-time undergraduate students, 84 full-time teachers. It has 6 professors, 25 associate professors and 26 PhDs. 1 distinguished professor of “thousand-person plan” of Central Organization Department, “Yangtze River Scholar” of Ministry of Education, 2 persons enjoying national special allowance, 2 candidates for national and Jiangxi provincial “new century millions of talents project”, 2 young academic leaders of higher institutions in Jiangxi, and 3 young and middle aged backbone teachers of higher institutions in Jiangxi.

In recent five years, our School obtained 74 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects, including 8 national natural science foundation projects, over 40 provincial and ministerial level vertical projects, with total scientific research funds amounting to over 20 million yuan; having published 163 academic papers, including 70 SCI/EI retrieval ones, published 6 treatises, obtained 6 prizes of science and technology progress award of Jiangxi, science and technology achievement award of higher institutions in Jiangxi, and etc., and 10 authorized patents for inventions.

Our School now has such 7 undergraduate majors as civil engineering, urban-rural planning, water supply and drainage science and engineering, engineering management, road and bridge and river-crossing engineering, architecture, and city underground space engineering. The major of civil engineering is Jiangxi characteristic major and was selected into “education training plan for outstanding engineer” of Jiangxi province, and geotechnical engineering is a major discipline of Jiangxi province for the 11th and 12th five-year plan. We started to recruit postgraduates in the orientation of geotechnical engineering in the field of hydraulic engineering in 2012, now we have 21 in-school postgraduates, and 11 postgraduates graduated with degree conferred.

Our School adheres to take the cultivation of application-oriented talents as basis, roots in Jiangxi, faces to the country, serve for civil construction industry, and cultivates high-quality and application-oriented senior engineering technical talents with development in an all-round way.