Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Restoration of Degraded Ecosystem and Basin Ecological Hydrology

Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Restoration of Degraded Ecosystem and Basin Ecological Hydrology

(I) Profile of the Center

On August 15, 2015, Office of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department printed and issued document of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department (G.J.G.Z.[2015]No.45) which issued the notice on approving the establishment of Jiangxi Ecological Water Conservancy Collaborative Innovation Center, which means the official founding of the Center. Our Center takes “Nanchang Institute of Technology” as leading unit, with such major participant units as State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, Jiangxi Department of Water Conservancy (Institute of Hydraulic Science, Institute of Water and Soil Conservation Science, Hydrology Bureau and Scenic Area Office), Scenic Area Office of the Ministry of Water Resources, School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering of Wuhan University, State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangxi Academy of Environmental Sciences, China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation, and etc.

The overall anticipated sci-tech output of the Center takes “ecological water conservancy engineering and its ecological function evaluation, ecological hydrology and water resources information technology application integration and water and soil erosion control and ecological restoration of southern typical place of origin, construction and management of wisdom water conservancy scenic area” as research object, collaboratively develops the innovative studies on water conservancy, forestry, environment industry and Jiangxi major demand and significant scientific problems, puts forward innovative theories and methods in the emerging discipline fields of water conservancy scenic area, ecological theory, and etc., researches and develops new technology with proprietary intellectual property rights, obtains a batch of major remarkable achievements, accelerates achievement transformation and promotion, and realizes certain economic benefits, good social benefits and obvious ecological benefits. By virtue of collaborative tackling, obtain academic achievements with certain influence domestically and internationally, guarantee discipline level to take the lead in the country, further give play to research features and discipline advantages and guide discipline development frontier.

In the process of building the Center, the leading unit will raise funds totaling 65.8 million yuan for building hydraulic hall (6 million yuan), artificial rainfall hall (4 million yuan), structure hall (40 million yuan), biotechnology center (2.8 million yuan), phase two of ecological technological park (3 million yuan) and field base for scientific research (10 million yuan). Apply for such two provincial and ministerial level key laboratories of ecological water conservancy engineering and degraded ecosystem restoration and basin ecological hydrology in Jiangxi, planned to invest 20 million yuan in total. Initiate application and review for open-ended fund projects, and establish 10 open-ended fund projects. Our Center will be anticipated to obtain the following specific scientific research output via four-year construction: over 80 scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial level and above, with total funds of 40 million yuan; over 300 academic papers and over 10 works; 8 scientific and technology rewards and 16 patents above provincial level.

(II) Talent Team
1. Team Construction: Our Center will carry out the team construction as per the mode of “innovation center—innovation platform—innovation team”, having formed 16 innovative teams like ecological hydrological engineering planning and design of medium and small rivers, ecological management engineering of medium and small rivers, hydraulic engineering and river environment coupling mechanism, and etc., having established high-level talent team in application fields of teaching, scientific research and engineering technology application for such disciplines as hydrology, hydraulic engineering, hydrology-water resources, water and soil conservation, garden and park, tourism management, and etc.; meanwhile, we have employed over 20 academicians and experts famous at home and abroad as part-time professors, master tutors and members of academic committee, possessing abundant high-tech innovative talent resources. In the early-phase construction of our Center, we have integrated the talent resources of participant units according to target tasks and research orientations, and established innovation team for each research orientation.

2. Talent cultivation and introduction: strengthen talent introduction and cultivation, implement “double-hundred talent plant”, vigorously attract doctors at home and abroad, train 2 post-doctorates, 2 doctors, 40 masters and 600 applied undergraduates, and dispatch 19 teachers for in-service course of doctor’s degree. Bring in and train 2 leading talents and discipline leaders, 4 post-doctorates and 26 doctors. 10 persons studying abroad for visiting learning, undertake International Academic Conference of International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation, and sponsor Academic Annual Meeting of Southern Research Society of Soil & Water Conservation.

(III) Scientific Research Achievements
Each innovation team takes enterprise and market demand orientation as principle to carry out preliminary study, and the Center conducts talent recruitment and training. The Center Director is in charge of daily management and operation of the Center, coordinates 4 innovation teams, innovation platforms and various innovation resources, and supports 4 chief experts in the field to carry out scientific research. Scientific research projects and achievements: 20 scientific research projects of provincial and ministerial level and above, total funds of 10 million yuan; over 50 academic papers, 2 works; 2 scientific prizes of provincial level and above, and 3 patents.

In terms of the effect of scientific and technological innovation, there are mainly following representative results:

① Study on water environment evolution mechanism and tendency of Poyang Lake area;
② Key technology research and demonstration for comprehensive harnessing of small rivers in countryside;
③ Impact and mechanism of ecological restoration on reconstruction of soil reservoir of place seriously eroded by red earth;
④ Study on the features and guarantee conditions of ecological environment in Poyang lake wetland;
⑤ Study on energy-obtaining wireless sensor network monitoring and data collection facing water environment monitoring;
⑥ College students’ scientific and technological innovation, and so on.