School of Marxism of Nanchang Institute of Technology

School of Marxism

School of Marxism was established in October 2013, formerly known as Teaching and Scientific Research Division of Ideological and Political Course. The School undertakes the teaching of ideological and political theory course and the construction task of Marxist theory for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the School, having such six teaching research offices The School now has 1 Jiangxi provincial major discipline of “study on localization of Marxism in China”, 1 major research base of humanities and social sciences of higher institutions in Jiangxi and 1 school-level major research institute of “research institute of social development theory of Marxism”.

The School now has 37 faculty members, 6 professors, 12 associate professors, 18 PhDs .The School always adheres to take teaching work as center, scientific research work as focus, realizing interactive progress in teaching and scientific research. Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism was rated as provincial-level high-quality resource sharing course, “ideological and political theory course” was rated as school-level major course, “teaching team of ideological and political theory course” was rated as school-level teaching team, “discipline of Marxist theory” is rated as school master-applying discipline, scientific research team of “theory and practice of localization of Marxism in China” was rated as school scientific research innovation team. In recent five years, teachers in the School have undertaken 17national social sciences foundation projects, 12 projects of Ministry of Education, 82 provincial-level projects, obtaining 2561 thousand yuan scientific research funds, published 292 papers, including 106 ones in core journals, published 20 academic treatises, 4 textbooks and obtained 107 awards of provincial and ministerial level and above. The School has obtained remarkable achievements in such fields as Marxist ethics, study on localization of Marxism in China, ideological and political education, the Communist Party of China and social changes and modern and contemporary era, having certain status and influence in the country. During the period of “the 14th five-year plan”, the School will continue to take teaching as center, discipline construction as leading, scientific research as support, team construction as focus, fully improving the education teaching quality of ideological and political theory course and the research level of Marxist theory.