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School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages focuses on the orientation of engineering translation, achieves all-round coordinated development and cultivates talents in applied foreign language who are deep in foundation, high in quality and strong in capability. There are also 3-5 permanently hired foreign teachers every year. In recent four years, there are 256 students successively obtaining certificates of CATTI Translator Level III and Level II, Shanghai Intermediate and Senior Interpretation, BEC and etc.

Undergraduate Programmes

l  English

l  Translation

l  French

Postgraduate Programmes


Experiment and Research Center

l  Experiment Center of Foreign Languages

Institute of Foreign Languages and Literatures

l  Translation Practice and Teaching Research Center

l  other teaching and scientific research institutions

Scientific Researches

l  around 40 papers published in Main journals

l  around 230 papers published in provincial journals

l  One national social sciences foundation project

l  One Research Project of National Education Science

l  33 provincial-level research projects

Undergraduate Programmes



It is a provincial characteristic programme with Business English as the main orientation.

Main courses: Integrated English, English Writing, Audio-visual-oral English, Advanced English, English Reading, Translation Theory and Practice, Cross-cultural Communication, Import and Export Business, Business English Reading, Business Negotiation, and Business English Writing

Career opportunities: foreign-related management, marketing, secretary, translation, tour guide, and teaching work in enterprises or departments with foreign affairs, foreign trade, international e-commerce, overseas tourism, overseas engineering, and education involved, including foreign enterprises and professional translation institutions




It is a provincial first-class and 4-star programme.

Main courses: Introduction to Translation, English-Chinese Translation, Chinese-English Translation, Sci-tech Translation, Engineering Translation, Engineering Translation Project Management, Business Translation, Liaison Interpreting, Consecutive Interpretation, Topic-based Interpreting, FIDIC International Engineering Bidding Implementation Standard, Computer Aided Translation.

Career opportunities: translation and other foreign affairs, management or teaching work in large state-owned engineering enterprises including China Railway Group Limited, China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd., and China Coal, and departments of economy and trade, culture, and education



Main courses: Basic French, Audio-visual French, French Speaking, French Writing, French Reading, Translation Theory and Practice, Advanced French, French Grammar, Engineering French Translation, Sci-tech French Translation, and A Survey of French-speaking Countries and Regions

Career opportunities: translation, management and teaching work in fields including foreign-related engineering, foreign affairs, economy and trade, tourism, culture, and education


Postgraduate Programmes



The translation degree site relies on NIT’s advantages in the disciplines like water conservancy, electric power, civil engineering, ecology, and etc., bases in Jiangxi, faces the whole country, complies with the needs of economic development for engineering translation talents, faces domestic and foreign water conservancy, electric power, civil engineering and other industries, and takes into account the needs of regional economy and other industries to cultivate application-oriented engineering translation talents with solid foundation, high quality and strong ability. This degree site has formed characteristic research orientations such as Engineering Translation, Translation of Water Culture Classics, Corpus Translation, and Ecological Translation.

Scientific research platforms such as the institute-level “Engineering Translation Research Center”, the school-level “Translation Practice and Teaching Research Center”, and “Foreign Language and Literature Research Institute”, etc.

It has translation workshop, multilingual cloud translation laboratory, and simultaneous interpretation language laboratory.

The translation workshop is equipped with Yaxin 2.0 and Transn computer-aided translation software, and the multilingual cloud translation laboratory is equipped with Yaxin V5.0 computer-aided translation software.