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School of Business Administration

School of Business Administration

School of Business Administration, established in 1986, has gradually accumulated abundant education and teaching experience, formed own features and rapidly developed its school running quality and scale. 66 faculty members, among them 38% are with advanced professional titles, which shows a reasonable structure of teaching team. Over 1,400 full-time students spreads in 4 undergraduate programmes and two postgraduate programmes.

 Undergraduate Programmes

l  Marketing

l  Logistics Management

l  E-business

l  Human Resources Management

 Postgraduate Programmes

l Management Science and Technology

l Business Administration

Teaching Reform and Scientific Researches

l    11 national natural science and social sciences foundation projects

l    Over 90 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects

l    15 Awards for Achievements in Teaching and Scientific Researches

l    5 provincial high-quality courses and provincial-level high-quality sharing courses

 Research Institutes

l    Jiangxi Soft Science Research Base of Water Safety and Sustainable Development

l    Research Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility

  Research Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Managem


Undergraduate Programmes



 Provincial first-class and provincial characteristic programme

Main courses: Principle of Management, Marketing, Market Survey and Forecasting, Advertising, Sales Management, Managerial Statistics, Organizational Behavior, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Management, Introduction to E-commerce, International Marketing, and Strategic Management

Career Opportunities: marketing, operating decision, market survey and forecasting, business negotiation, market development and planning, channel maintenance, advertising planning, business diagnosis, international marketing and public relations management, real estate marketing planning, financial marketing and relevant work



Logistics Management

Orientation of Engineering Logistics:

Main courses: Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Basis of Modern Logistics Management, Production and Operation Management, Design and Operation of Logistics Center, Purchasing and Supply Management, Engineering Project Management, Engineering Materials Management, Logistics Cost Management, Simulation of Logistics System, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation and Distribution of Modern Logistics

Career opportunities: logistics and supply chain management, and relevant jobs, including enterprise logistics management system design, engineering project management, engineering materials purchasing and supply management in  state-owned large-scale enterprises such as China Railway Engineering Corporation, China Railway Tunnel Group, Hydro China, and so on.



Main courses: Introduction to E-commerce, Internet Marketing, E-commerce Management, E-payment, E-commerce Network Technology and Application, E-commerce Security, E-commerce Webpage Making and Design, Professional Database Technology and Application, Construction of E-commerce Website, E-commerce Service, and E-commerce Organization and Operation

Career opportunities: e-commerce planning, design, internet marketing and planning, network enterprise management, website management and operation in E-commerce related fields of various enterprises, the teaching and scientific research work related to e-commerce at public institutions and universities and colleges



Human Resources Management

Main courses: Managerial Economics, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Work Analysis and Job Design, Performance Management, Reward Management, Personnel Assessment and Recruitment, Financial Management, Management Statistics, Engineering Project Management, Employee Welfare Management, Employee Training and Development, and Labor Relations and Labor Law

Career opportunities: human resources management in central enterprises, government agencies, enterprises, public institutions, various kinds of state-owned or private, Sino-foreign joint ventures, scientific research institutions and consultation agencies



Postgraduate Programmes


Management Science and Technology

The first-level discipline of management science and engineering established by NIT in 1986

A first-level discipline authorized by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council for master’s degrees In 2018

A positioned discipline for “Yaohu Scholars” specially approved by NIT

After long-term development, it has formed distinctive features in “water environment management science”, “management system engineering”, “social management engineering” and “technology and innovation management”, and has achieved fruitful results.


Business Administration

The degree site of MBA program of NIT relies on the teaching and scientific research strength of the School of Business Administration, with a reasonable structure of teachers and excellent business, and is a professional master’s degree site latest developed by NIT.

There are 15 national-level projects, with per capita scientific research fund of 390,000 yuan, and 12 application results approved or adopted by leaders at the provincial and ministerial level and above.

NIT has high-standard classrooms and case discussion rooms suitable for MBA teaching, and is equipped with sufficient full-time teaching management personnel. NIT is able to raise relevant school-running funds to ensure the efficient operation of MBA program in terms of hardware facilities, library materials, teaching staff, and teaching investment.