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Yaohu School


Nanchang Institute of Technology Yaohu School was established in August 2014, President of NIT Jin Zhinong personally acts as Dean of the School, carrying out professor managing education. Yaohu School is located in 5F of South Teaching  Building, with elegant and warm environment, creating “modern and open” atmosphere.

Yaohu School is a honors School for NIT exploring undergraduate cultivation and an elite School implementing top-notch innovative talents cultivation. It is an important base for top-notch students’ personality development and innovative practice, and is a model area of NIT deepening undergraduate education teaching reform.


Self-cultivation, Morality, Erudition and World


It aims at cultivating high-quality engineering innovation talents with noble morality, solid mathematical basis, broad knowledge vision, innovative and truth-pursuing scientific consciousness and spirit, profound humanistic literacy and certain international vision, and all-round development in knowledge, ability and quality, and laying a solid foundation for them to further their study in famous institutions at home and abroad and grow into leading talents in the field of engineering technology.


Independent study, management and innovation


Focusing on general education: General education is adopted for freshmen and sophomores, mainly strengthen the education of such courses as category of mathematics, category of applied English, School physics, chemistry, category of mechanics, engineering surveying, engineering graphics, computer application, humanistic quality, major introduction, and etc.; meanwhile, establish courses like economics, management and English improvement for students.

Encouraging personality development: Students may choose a major orientation in hydraulic and hydropower engineering, hydrology and water resources engineering, civil engineering (orientation of architectural engineering) and civil engineering (orientation of underground engineering) according to own interest and study in general education phase, adopting talent cultivation plan for different major orientations, emphasizing students’ interest and potential, making students be able to give play to potential and development personality.

Small Class: There are 15-20 students in one class, carrying out small-class instruction.

International: It adopts three-semester system such as Spring, Summer and Autumn universal internationally. In Spring and Autumn Semester, the School makes full use of high-quality teaching resources at home and abroad to conduct the education of general courses and specialized courses; in short Summer Semester, the School mainly strengthens students’ domestic study tour and international cultivation in the forms of inter-School joint cultivation at home and abroad, study and exchange, short-term investigation, participating in scientific research training and international conferences.

Dual Supervisor System: Provide students with professional supervisors with PhD degree or senior professional title and academic advisers (class adviser). Professional supervisors establish several teams as per discipline major orientation, consisting of 2-4 teachers, every 2-4 students form a student team, and every student team has one supervisor team; academic adviser is selected from in-school teachers, and every class has one academic adviser.

Selection Management

Within one month after freshmen’s enrollment every year, 40 students excellent in both character and learning, active and aggressive and strong in scientific research interest will be selected from majors in the category of science and engineering to study in Yaohu School. Students applying for studying in Yaohu  School must meet one of the following conditions:

(1) Result of College entrance examination reaches the line for provincial first batch of undergraduate institutions of origin of the students;

(2) Result of School entrance examination of examinees enrolled by NIT from origin of the students ranks in the first two places;

(3) Those winning the second prize and above in provincial-level competitions of each subject;

(4) Those with award for invention and creation as well as certificate of patent for invention.

Dynamic in-out mechanism is conducted for students. At the beginning of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester, according to students’ grade point and comprehensive assessment, those not adapting will be adjusted out of Yaohu  School and transferred to ordinary classes of relevant majors. Meanwhile, part of excellent students will be selected to enter Yaohu  School from ordinary classes of relevant majors.