School of Civil and Architectural Engineering

School of Civil and Architectural Engineering

The school serves for civil construction industry and cultivates high-quality and application-oriented senior engineering technical professors and teachers. Around 2000 full-time undergraduate students are studying in our school at present. Among our 100 full-time teachers.,  8 of them are professors and 25 of them are associate professors. 49 of our teachers are with PhD degrees.

Undergraduate Programmes

l  Civil Engineering

l  Urban-rural Planning

l  Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

l  Road and Bridge and River-crossing Engineering

l  Engineering Cost


Postgraduate Programmes

Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy

Researches and Achievements

l  Two provincial-level research platform

l  One university-level Geo-technical Engineering research institute

l  Six university-level research institutes

l  One university-level practice and training center

l  6 school-level labs and centers

l  over 30 labs

l  over 10 off-campus practice and training bases

l  9 national natural science foundation projects



Undergraduate Programmes

Civil Engineering

A provincial first-class advantageous programme

Provincial characteristic programme

Provincial education and cultivation plan project for outstanding engineers

Two orientations including Architectural Engineering, and Underground Engineering.

Main courses: Engineering Materials, Structural Mechanics, Building Construction, Concrete Structure, Steel Structure, Underground Engineering Structure, Tunnel Engineering, Metro Engineering, Civil Engineering Construction, Project Estimate & Budget, and Engineering Seismology, etc.

Career Opportunities: civil engineering design, construction, supervision, management, operation and maintenance, and scientific research work at design institutes of architectural engineering, underground and tunnel engineering, construction companies, real estate companies, and other relevant enterprises and public institutions.



Urban & Rural Planning

Main courses: Introduction to Urban-Rural Planning, Urban-Rural Road and Transportation Planning, Principle of Urban Overall Planning, Urban Environment and Urban Ecology, History of Chinese and Foreign Urban Construction, Administrative Management and Regulations for Urban Planning, Urban Sociology, Regional and Urban System Planning,

Career Opportunities: planning and design, research and engineering consultation work at institutes of governmental urban-rural planning management, urban-rural planning and design, building design and landscape, and real estate companies, urban-rural development and market service institutions and other enterprises and public institutions.


Water Supply, Drainage Science & Engineering

Main courses: Water Analytical Chemistry, Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline System, Building Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Water Engineering Construction, Water Treatment Microbiology, Water Quality Engineering, Water Resources Utilization and Protection, and Water Engineering Instrument and Control

Career Opportunities: planning and design, construction, supervision, operation maintenance, consultation, management, scientific research and technological development work at urban planning and design departments, environmental protection departments, water companies, and industrial and mining enterprises.



Engineering Cost

Main courses: Engineering Measurement and Valuation, Engineering Economics, Engineering Cost Management, Installation Engineering Estimate and Budget, Engineering Bidding and Contract Management, and Operations Research

Career Opportunities: engineering measurement and valuation, cost management, auditing, cost appraisal, and other technical and management work at enterprises and public institutions of design, construction, supervision, real estate development, cost consultation and auditing in the industries like civil engineering, water conservancy, transportation, etc.



Road, Bridge & River-crossing Engineering

Main courses: Road Building Materials, Road Survey and Design, Subgrade and Pavement Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Principle of Structural Design, Bridge Engineering, and Construction and Maintenance Management of Road and Bridge Engine

Career Opportunities: construction, design, survey, supervision, testing and construction management work at design institutes and large and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions of highway and railway industry in the field of road and bridge engineering, municipal engineering, etc.


Postgraduate Programmes

Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy

3 scientific research platforms at provincial level or above, namely National and Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory for the Hydraulic Engineering Safety, and Efficient Utilization of Water Resources of Poyang Lake Basin

Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Hydraulic & Civil Engineering Infrastructure Security

Jiangxi Provincial Engineering Research Center of the Special Reinforcement and Safety Monitoring Technology in Hydraulic & Civil Engineering.

Research Orientations

 (1) Geotechnical Engineering

 (2) Structural Engineering

 (3) Municipal Engineering