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School of Economics and Trade

   School of Economics and Trade is to cultivate application and versatile advanced professional talents adapting to the development of social economics We have 64 faculty members, more than 90% of whom hold master's degrees or above, including 6 professors, 24 associate professors, 22 teachers with PhD and more than 50% of the staff with overseas educational background.

Undergraduate Programmes

l    Financial Management

  International Economics and Trade


  Investment


Teaching Team

l      Outstanding Teaching Team in undergraduate education

l  One Outstanding Teaching Team in Applied Economics

Many innovation awards of both national-level and provincial


Undergraduate Programmes


Financial Management

Main courses: Statistics, Western Economics, Fundamentals of Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Advanced Financial Management, Cost Management Accounting, Introduction to Architectural Engineering, Accounting of Construction Enterprise, Financial Management of Construction Enterprise, Investment, Assets Appraisal, Economic Law, Tax Law, Tax Planning, and Accounting Information System

Career opportunities: financial accounting, financial consultation, tax planning, assets appraisal, capital operation, investment analysis, project investment feasibility demonstration, and other financial management jobs in industrial and commercial enterprises, banks, scientific research institutes and government sectors




Two orientations: Certified Public Accountant, and Engineering Auditing.

l  Orientation of Certified Public Accountant

Main courses: Fundamentals of Accounting, Principle of Auditing, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Auditing, Financial Management, Internal Control, Cost Management Accounting, Statistics, Tax Law, Internal Auditing, Government Auditing, Corporate Strategy and Risk Management, Accounting Information System, Big Data Financial Basis, and Big Data Auditing

Career opportunities: After graduation, graduates may engage in accounting and internal auditing work at enterprises and administrative institutions; or engage in CPA auditing work at CPA firms; or work in tax verification, tax planning and tax agency work at certified tax agencies

l  Orientation of Engineering Auditing

Main courses: Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing Practice, Internal Control, Cost Management Accounting, Statistics, Internal Auditing, Tax Law, Accounting Information System, Engineering Graph Identification, Engineering Cost Management, Engineering Project Management, and Engineering Project Auditing

Career opportunities: engineering project auditing and financial auditing, financial accounting and tax planning work at construction enterprises, CPA firms, certified tax agencies, engineering cost consultation projects units, and other relevant units



International Economics and Trade

Jiangxi Province’s first-class and characteristic

Two orientations: Digital Trade, and International Engineering Bidding and Procurement

Main courses: International Commercial Law, Foreign Trade English Correspondence, Introduction to International Engineering Contracting, Market Development Practice of International Engineering Contracting, International Engineering Bidding and Tendering, International Procurement Practice, Digital Supply Chain Management, Cross-border E-commerce Theory and Practice, Data Analysis and Application of E-commerce Platforms, and Data Network Marketing

Career opportunities: foreign trade management, consultation, policy research and other work at government management sectors of foreign economic trade, customs, and commodity inspection authorities; or engage in foreign trade business, international engineering bidding and procurement, freight forwarding, digital trade and international settlement work at foreign trade enterprises, international engineering enterprises, freight forwarding companies, cross-border e-commerce platforms and banks.



Main courses: Management of Project investment and Financing, Assessment and Management of Projects, Management of Project Bidding, Project Cost and Budget Management, Introduction to Constructive Projects, Engineering Drawing, Big data Engineering Investment Decision, Case study on Investment and Financing of Engineering Project, Engineer Project Economics, Stock Investment, Corporation Finance, Financial Risk Management, Political Economics, Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, Investment Economics, Econometrics, Public Finance, Finance, Project Investment Market Survey, Securities Investment Analysis Training, Project Cost and Budget Training.

 Career opportunities: investment and financing work at investment and financing departments of engineering investment units, and urban investment companies at all levels, securities investment and relevant work at securities companies