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School of Humanities and Art


School of Humanities and Art boasts its 8 teaching & research groups with 100 faculty members, its reasonable teachers’ structure ability. It has first-class experimental equipment and devices in the province. There are around 1700 full-time students. Graduates from the school are solid in professional knowledge, wide in adaptive scope, high in comprehensive quality, and are well-recognized by the society.

Undergraduate Programmes

l  Environmental Design

l  Visual Communication Design

l  Product Design

l  Editing and Publishing Science

l  Musicology

l  Digital Media Art

l  Internet and New Media

Postgraduate Programmes

l  Publishing

l  Art

Laboratories and Experiment Centers

l  Modern Media Experiment Center (school-level)

l  Design Art Center

l  Music Practical Training Center

l  57 off-campus internship bases

Laboratories: computer-aided design room, pottery and sculpture studio, model making studio, industrial design studio, digital prototyping studio, photography studio, painting and calligraphy studio.


Undergraduate Programmes


Editing and Publishing Science

Main courses: Publishing Topic Selection Planning, New Media Editing, Digital Publishing, Media Operation and Management, Publishing Laws and Copyright Trade, Marxist View of Journalism, Public Relations, Sociology, History of Chinese and Foreign Journalism and Communication, Ancient Chinese Literature, Basic Writing, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, and Modern Chinese

Career opportunities: editing planning, publishing management and distribution marketing at various kinds of publishing units and culture and media companies, content creativity, and marketing planning, information interview, writing, editing, comments, publicity, management, teaching research and relevant work at Party and Government offices and enterprises and public institutions


Internet and New Media

Main courses: New Media Editing, Audio-visual Language, Audio-visual Program Editing and Planning, New Media Product Design and Project Management, Convergent Journalism, Creative Copywriting and Marketing Planning, New Media Data Analysis and Application, Internet Communication, Host Thinking and Language Ability Training, Introduction to Documentary, Appreciation of Audio-visual Works, and Internet Hotspots and Comments

Career opportunities: the planning and production, editing and processing, promotion operation, data analysis, industrial management, teaching research and relevant work of audio-visual new media contents at audio-visual new media agencies, Party and Government offices at all levels or new media departments of enterprises and public institutions


Environmental Design (two orientations including Interior Environmental Design, and Public Environmental Design)

It is a national first-class major.

Main courses: Space Composition, Interior Furnishings Design, Space Design (Residence Space Design, Office Space Design, Commercial Space Design), Public Facilities Design, and Waterscape Design. Practice courses include Course Internship, Course Experiment (Major Cognition Internship, Graduation Internship, Professional Skill Certification), Major Internship (Art Field Trips, Professional Investigation), Course Design and Graduation Project (Thesis)

Career opportunities: interior design, landscape design, commodity display design, environmental greening design, and other environmental art design, budgeting and management work, corresponding engineering construction management work and professional training, building design, public art design, and planning and design of indoor and outdoor space.


Visual Communication Design

Main courses: Two-dimensional Composition, Enterprise Image Design, Poster Design, Packaging Design, Album Design, Illustration Design, Video Editing, Motion Design, Product Photography, Portrait Photography, Advertising Planning, and Cultural and Creative Design

Career opportunities: visual communication design and planning work at brand departments, marketing departments, enterprise planning departments and design departments of different industries, as well as professional advertising companies and design companies

Product Design

Main courses: Introduction to Design, Basic Modeling, Product Form Design, Product Design Procedures and Methods, Design Materials and Process, Product Design, Ergonomics, Design Psychology, History of Industrial Design, Computer-aided Product Design, Design Presentation Techniques, and Product Structure Design

Career opportunities: the design, research and management work taking product design as Main at design companies, manufacturing enterprises, and various kinds of research consultancies; or engage in the product design related advertising, packaging, display design, and environmental design work.

Digital Media Art

Main courses: Basic Modeling, Introduction to Design, Innovative Thinking, Digital Marketing, Human-computer Interaction Interface Design (Orientation of Digital Interaction), Interactive Product Development (Orientation of Digital Interaction), Digital Film and TV Special Effects and Synthesis (Orientation of Digital Film and Television), and Channel and Column Packaging Design (Orientation of Digital Film and Television)

Career opportunities: internet, advertising companies, TV stations, offline interactive media, interactive entertainment companies, animation companies, mobile media companies, digital publishing agencies, channel and column packaging departments, various kinds of film and TV production agencies, as well as relevant media departments of governments, higher institutions, other enterprises and public institutions



Main courses: History of Chinese Music and Famous Works Appreciation, History of Western Music and Famous Works Appreciation, Chorus and Conducting, Analysis and Writing of Polyphonic Music, Piano Accompaniment and Singing while Playing, Music Teaching Method and Teaching Design, Chinese Ethnic Music, Orchestration Method of Small Ensemble Music, Vocal Music Improvement, Instrumental Music Basis, and Instrumental Music Elective

Career opportunities: music culture work at enterprises and public institutions, and various kinds of schools and literature and art organizations at all levels


Postgraduate Programmes



Two orientations: Digital Editing, and Publishing Operation and Management

Teaching and scientific research platforms such as a modern media center and an all-media center

It has the first university publishing institution in the province, and has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with 14 well-known publishing institutions


Three orientation including Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, and Digital Media Design.

The institute-level scientific research platform—Industrial Design Research Center of Nanchang Institute of Technology

Good conditions such as sufficient on-campus and off-campus practical teaching places, facilities and digital resources

An independent building – Art Building

Three experimental centers – Modern Media Experiment Center, Design Art Center, and Music Practical Training Center.

The first-class experimental equipment in the province, with total assets of 20 million yuan, and 45 off-campus practice teaching bases

A member of the China National Academy of Painting of the Ministry of Culture

A national first-class master of fine arts