Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Water Information Collaborative Awareness and Intelligent Processing

Key Laboratory of Water Information Collaborative Awareness and Intelligent Processing


Key Laboratory of Water Information Collaborative Awareness and Intelligent Processing of NIT was successfully approved to be a Jiangxi provincial key laboratory in 2014. The Laboratory takes water information of medium and small rivers in Jiangxi Province as research object, water source conservation area as entry point, by means of integration of sky-land-water, adopts multi-source sensing network, intelligent information processing, GIS and other technology, conducts theoretical, method and application studies in the aspects of water information collaborative awareness, hyperspectral image analysis, hydrological data mining and uncertainty analysis, three-dimensional geographical information decision and etc. Currently, major research orientations of the Laboratory include multi-source network collaborative awareness of water information, intelligent processing of mass information, water information GIS integration and application development, and so on.

The laboratory director is Professor Wang Shengqian. There are 13 professors, 17 associate professors, 28 PhDs and 3 PhD candidates in the laboratory; 1 expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council, 1 candidate for provincial “Ganpo elite 555 talents project”, 1 provincial young scientist, 3 young and middle aged academic leaders of higher institutions in Jiangxi, 1 provincial famous teacher, 4 talents of provincial “new century millions of talents projects”, and 13 master supervisors.

The laboratory covers a land area of over 1,200m2, with values of scientific instrument and equipment amounting to over 5.6 million yuan. It possesses a batch of high-performance scientific research equipment like GPU cluster high-performance computing platform, indoor and outdoor architecture hyperspectral imaging system, water environment monitoring system, SGI VS100 graphic workstation, wireless sensor development platform, and etc.
In recent years, members of the Laboratory have presided over 20 national natural sciences foundation projects, 3 scientific research special projects of public welfare industry of the Ministry of Water Resources, 1 humanities and social science project of Ministry of Education, and over 60 provincial natural sciences foundation, higher institution science and technology landing project and major research and development plan projects; published over 120 papers in core journals of CSCD and above level, including 28 SCI retrieval ones, over 50 EI retrieval ones; won over 10 awards at provincial and ministerial level, including 1 second prize and 1 third prize for science and technology progress in Jiangxi; obtained 37 authorized patents and 68 software copyrights.